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Building upon our proud heritage, soldiers of the Corps of Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (RCEME) will provide leadership, innovation and technical skills to maintain land equipment across the full spectrum of Canadian Forces (CF) operations.


To provide high quality leadership and land equipment management that will enable and sustain successful CF operations.


The Corps of RCEME is a Regiment of many small units.  At his head is the Branch Advisor who is supported by the RCEME Council, the Branch Staff and the Virtual Staff.

The following organizational chart outlines the governing structure of the Corps of RCEME. It includes both serving and retired members of the Corps linking the two groups through the RCEME Guild, Branch Fund and Heritage. The governing body of the Corps of RCEME is the RCEME Council and is comprised of RCEME Colonels and above, and select Chief Warrant Officers. The RCEME Council provides the strategic guidance for the Corps.




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